Crossing paths crossing perspectives: Urban studies in British Columbia and QuebecCrossing paths crossing perspectives: Urban studies in British Columbia and Quebec

/ Breux, Sandra & Holden, Meg. (Eds.). — [Québec, QC] : Les Presses de l'Université Laval, 2023.

1 online resource / ressource en ligne (xv, 255 / xv, 279 pages) : illustrations, PDF.

The papers in the book compare urban studies research in Québec and British Columbia and specific urban issues in Montréal and Vancouver. Topics include bicycle sharing programs and sustainable mobility, social housing, urban food systems planning, equity and social justice in climate plans, and Indigenous relations.


Cycling for sustainable citiesCycling for sustainable cities

/ Pucher, John & Buehler, Ralph. (Eds.). — Cambridge, MA ; London : The MIT Press, 2021.

1 online resource (xviii, 464 pages) : illustrations, graphs, PDF. — (Urban and industrial environments).

The book expands on the ideas, examples and recommendations in "City Cycling" (2012). Chapters address cycling's health benefits; cycling safety; bicycle parking; policy and programs for promoting cycling; evaluating cycling policies and projects; e-bikes; bicycle sharing services; inclusive cycling for low-income groups, women, children and seniors; and case studies of cycling policies and projects around the world.


Designing healthy and liveable cities: Creating sustainable urban regenerationDesigning healthy and liveable cities: Creating sustainable urban regeneration

/ Sepe, Marichela. — Abingdon, Oxon ; New York, NY : Routledge, 2023.

1 online resource (viii, 262 pages) : illustrations, maps, PDF. — (Routledge studies in urbanism and the city).

The book covers a holistic approach to sustainable urban regeneration, including indicators; models of health and liveable places (i.e., 15-minute city, flexible city, soft city and smart city); the Healthy Pl@ce Design method; and case studies using the Healthy Pl@ce Design method to assess liveability, urban health and sustainability. The following cities are evaluated: Bordeaux, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Madrid, Newcastle, Nice, Dublin, Vancouver and Wuhan.


A practical guide to the Ontario Land TribunalA practical guide to the Ontario Land Tribunal

/ Krushelnicki, Bruce Wayne; Di Vona, Matthew A.; & Suriano, Alexander J.  — 3rd edition. — Markham : LexisNexis Canada, 2023.

xv, 319, 9 pages.

The guide reviews the history, purpose, authority and role of municipal and planning review boards in Ontario, tracing the evolution from the Ontario Municipal Board and the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal to the Ontario Land Tribunal (OLT). With reference to legislation and jurisprudence, it explains the procedures in preparing for and holding an OLT hearing, the organization and conduct of a hearing, and conduct before the Tribunal. It also criticizes and defends the jurisdiction and powers of the OLT and speculates on its future in the planning process.


Smaller cities in a shrinking world: Learning to thrive without growthSmaller cities in a shrinking world: Learning to thrive without growth

/ Mallach, Alan. — Washington, DC : Island Press, 2023.

1 online resource (x, 324 pages) : illustrations, graphs, EPUB.

The book addresses the history of shrinking cities, urban migration, land and building issues for shrinking cities (e.g., vacant property), social and economic impacts of population decline, embracing urban decline, greening the environment in shrinking cities, and embracing urban shrinkage in the United States.


Urban planning for climate changeUrban planning for climate change

/ Norman, Barbara. — Abingdon, Oxon ; New York, NY : Routledge, 2023.

1 online resource (xv, 179 pages) : illustrations, PDF. — (Routledge advances in climate change research).

With reference to academic literature and international examples, the book explores the challenges and opportunities of addressing climate change and related environmental hazards through urban planning and growth management; urban planning for climate risks (i.e., coastal inundation, wildfires, extreme heat and flooding); managed retreat and urban resettlement; the model for a new climate-resilient town; and ten key actions for urban planning for climate change.


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