Changing places: The science and art of new urban planning

Changing places: The science and art of new urban planning

/ MacDonald, John M., Branas, Charles C., & Stokes, Robert. — Princeton, NJ ; Woodstock, Oxfordshire : Princeton University Press, 2019.

1 online resource (xv, 191 pages) : illustrations, maps, PDF.

The book explores how the design of the built environment affects health and safety; reviews the history of place-based designs that focused on improving the health, safety and well-being of residents (e.g., New Urbanism, active design and crime prevention through environmental design); and looks at the use of experiments and data to guide planning. It then demonstrates how data-driven interventions that focus on the following areas can improve health and safety: building and housing interventions, land use and open spaces, transportation and street environments, and entertainment districts and public parks. The final chapter discusses the unintentional consequences of positive change to the urban environment (e.g., increased development, increased infrastructure needs and availability of public schools) and partnerships between planners and universities and think tanks. Examples are drawn from the United States.


Ontario Municipal Act & commentary

Ontario Municipal Act & commentary

/ Mascarin, John & Williams, Christopher J. — 2021 edition — Toronto, ON : LexisNexis Canada, 2020.

lxxxi, 804 pages.

The book contains the full text of the Ontario Municipal Act, 2001 and its regulations; a table of concordance between the Municipal Act, 2001, the previous Municipal Act, the City of Toronto Act, 2006 and other statutes; and a commentary on the status of municipalities, history of municipal legislation legislative reform in Ontario, and the Act, with reference to case law. It also includes a sample declaration of office and the Memorandum of Understanding between the Association of Municipalities of Ontario and the Province of Ontario (August 21, 2018). The commentary addresses the City of Toronto's legal challenge of the Better Local Government Act, 2018; Beniuk v. Leamington (Municipality), 2020 ONCA 238 on the duty of care to neighbouring landowners; amendments to allow electronic meetings and participation during COVID-19; the COVID-19 Economic Recovery Act; and regulations prohibiting municipal regulation of noises from freight delivery and construction projects.

The Ontario Municipal Act, 2001 covers the organization and structure of municipal government; general and specific municipal powers; licensing; municipal reorganization; accountability and transparency; practices and procedures; financial administration; municipal taxation and tax collection (including limitation on taxes for certain property classes, optional tax on vacant residential units, sale of land for tax arrears, fees and charges, and power to impose transient accommodation tax); debt and investment; enforcement; municipal liability; regulations and forms; and provisions for transitioning to the new Act.

The legislation in the book is current to The Ontario Gazette, vol. 153, no. 34, August 22, 2020.


Rural well-being: Geography of opportunities

Rural well-being: Geography of opportunities

/ ORGANISATION FOR ECONOMIC CO-OPERATION AND DEVELOPMENT, Centre for Entrepreneurship, SMEs, Regions and Cities. — Revised version, October 2020 — Paris, France : OECD Publishing, 2020.

1 online resource (214 pages) : graphs, HTML. — (OECD rural studies).

The document presents the revised version of the OECD's policy framework for rural development, productivity and well-being. It identifies key demographic and economic trends in the rural regions of OECD countries and priority areas. It discusses the need for multi-level governance and multi-stakeholder coordination to better implement rural policies, the trends and benefits of digitalization in rural communities for productivity and well-being (e.g., broadband infrastructure), necessary policies to take advantage of digital assets (e.g., public–private partnerships and manpower training), and how rural development can help nations meet global sustainable development goals.


Urban regeneration in Australia: Policies, processes and projects of contemporary urban change

Urban regeneration in Australia: Policies, processes and projects of contemporary urban change

/ Ruming, Kristian James. (Ed.). — Abingdon, Oxon ; New York, NY : Routledge, 2018.

1 online resource (xvi, 379 pages) : illustrations, maps, PDF.

The book comprises papers on the processes for urban regeneration and the politics and public response to urban renewal in Australia. The first part explores metropolitan strategic planning for urban regeneration and renewal, planning regulations, funding for brownfield regeneration projects, and strata titling for urban renewal. The second part focuses on urban regeneration projects and processes for Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Sydney and Newcastle. Topics covered include waterfront redevelopment, growth plans, sustainable development and culture-led regeneration. The final part addresses inner-ring and suburban redevelopment, including greyfield regeneration, shopping centre-led redevelopment, regenerating public housing, demolition and rebuild, transit-oriented development, and the role of greenfield development.


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