The home-sharing guide for Ontario municipalities

The home-sharing guide for Ontario municipalities

/ Ontario Ministry of Finance. — [Toronto, ON] : Ministry of Finance, 2018.

1 online resource (i, 40 pages) : PDF

The guide provides an overview of policy considerations, regulatory levers (e.g., licensing, zoning, time limits and taxation), stakeholder consultations and relevant provincial legislation for regulating home-sharing (i.e., short-term accommodation or rentals) for municipalities in Ontario. It also summarizes how the following municipalities have regulated home-sharing: Blue Mountains, ON; Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON; Toronto, ON; Vancouver, BC; New Orleans, LA; and Chicago, IL.


Food trucks, cultural identity, and social justice : from loncheras to lobsta love

Food trucks, cultural identity, and social justice: From loncheras to lobsta love

/ Agyeman, Julian, Matthews, Caitlin, & Sobel, Hannah. (Eds.). — Cambridge, MA : The MIT Press, 2017.

vi, 336 pages : illustrations, index, bibl. — (Food, health, and the environment)

Through case studies, the papers in the book explore the motivating factors for cities in Canada (Montréal and Vancouver) and the United States to regulate mobile food vending (i.e., food trucks and carts), the policy development process, conflicts between the cities and vendors, how mobile food vending relates to social justice, the spatial and cultural effects on mobile food vending, and the way that cities use food trucks for promotion.


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