Creating planning documents

Creating planning documents

/ Mendenhall, Allyson, Hempel, Claire, Risinger, Emily, & Grigsby, Stephanie. — Chicago, IL : American Planning Association, 2017.

1 online resource (104 pages) : illustrations (some colour), forms, appendices, bibl., PDF

The book updates indices on the costs and benefits of county sprawl to 2010, refines the indices to include additional measures of the built environment, and validates the indices using U.S. data. It explores academic literature and models sprawl development's affect on traffic safety, public health, life expectancy, housing affordability and upward mobility. It presents a longitudinal analysis of sprawl in U.S. urbanized areas (2000 and 2010). Finally, brief examples of U.S. cities in metropolitan areas that performed well in each of the four index factors and the policies contributing to their results are provided: development density in Los Angeles, CA; land-use mix in Santa Barbara, CA; activity centering in Madison, WI; and street connectivity in Trenton, NJ.

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