Building community: Defining, designing, developing UniverCity

Building community: Defining, designing, developing UniverCity

/ Harris, Gordon & Littlemore, Richard. — Seattle : Ecotone, 2018.

144 pages : colour illustrations.

The book recounts the planning, design, construction and business of the UniverCity master-planned residential community adjacent to Simon Fraser University's campus in Burnaby, BC. It then discusses the positive aspects of the project, what could be improved upon and actions going forward. Insights and lessons learned from the project are highlighted in sidebars. Some of the topics addressed include the governance of the Simon Fraser Community Trust, sustainable innovations, infrastructure, stormwater management, mixed use and density.


Panorama des régions du Québec

Panorama des régions du Québec

/ Institut de la statistique du Québec. — Édition 2018 — Québec : Institut de la statistique du Québec, 2018.

1 ressource en ligne (251 pages) : graphiques, cartes en couleur, tableaux, PDF.

The report provides a socio-economic profile of the 17 administrative regions of Québec. Eighteen topics are analyzed based on the latest statistics: demographics; families and households; income; housing; residential property values; capital expenditures; economic situation (i.e., GDP and disposable revenue); labour markets; health services; education; science, technology and innovation; agriculture; mines; manufacturing sector; tourism; public libraries; sustainable transportation (i.e., commuting mode of travel and electric cars); and land cover. Finally, statistics for regional county municipalities (i.e., demographics, per capita disposable revenue and employment rate) and a brief statistical portrait of each administrative region are included.


Planning for autonomous mobility

Planning for autonomous mobility

/ Crute, Jeremy, Riggs, William, Chapin, Timothy Stewart, & Stevens, Lindsay. — Chicago : American Planning Association, 2018.

1 online resource (84 pages) : colour illustrations, bibl., PDF. — (Report (American Planning Association. Planning Advisory Service) ; 592).

The report describes the present capabilities of autonomous vehicle (AV) technology and its limitations; outlines the implications of other advancements in transportation technology (e.g., connected vehicles and traffic management systems); estimates timelines for AV adoption; identifies challenges and opportunities of AV technology for planning US cities and the impacts of AV on the built environment; hypothesizes about the possible transformation of the built environment due to AV technology; and discusses planning policy and infrastructure considerations to prepare for issues arising from AV technology (e.g., shared mobility approaches, retrofitting rights-of-way, design for bicycles and pedestrians, and AV parking).


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