The death and life of the urban commonwealth

The death and life of the urban commonwealth

/ Kohn, Margaret. — New York, NY : Oxford University Press, 2016.

ix, 268 pages : index, bibl.

The book looks at the right of people to housing, public transit and urban spaces, viewing them as a public and social good. It is grounded in the political theory of solidarism and treats the city as a common wealth of transmitted values from past generations to the present. Chapters examine the theory of solidarism and social rights theory; the right to shelter in the Indian court case Olga Tellis v. Bombay Municipal Corporation (1985); the right to occupancy in the case of the destruction of public housing in the United States; five harms associated with gentrification; access to transit mobility as a right in Toronto (Scarborough subway issue) and Richmond, VA; the appropriation of space by the Occupy Wall Street movements in New York City and Toronto; the use of civil disobedience to protect access to public space; and "hetero-rights" ("a right-claim to advance fundamental interests").


Public-private partnerships in Canada: Law, policy and value for money

Public-private partnerships in Canada: Law, policy and value for money

/ Murphy, Timothy J. — Toronto, ON : LexisNexis Canada, 2019.

xxxiv, 631 pages : index, bibl.

The book explores public sector use of public–private partnerships (P3) in Canada. It covers common P3 models; the history, current state, legislative context and institutions for P3 usage by the federal government and in each province/territory; the cases for and against the use of P3s by the public sector; the procurement process; risk allocation; P3 project agreements; P3 financing models; risk transfer; dispute resolution for P3s; the challenges for and examples of municipal P3 projects; the structure and use of P3s in the United States in comparison to Canada; and the unique challenges and economic benefits of Indigenous P3 projects.


Transformative incrementalism: A journey to sustainability

Transformative incrementalism: A journey to sustainability

/ Buchan, Robert. — Union, ON : Municipal World, 2019.

vi, 170 pages : illustrations. — (Municipal knowledge series).

The book introduces the theory of "transformative incrementalism," which explains the social processes within community planning that support incremental changes to urban systems (e.g., food systems, housing and transportation). Following an explanation of the theory, it presents examples illustrating its application. Four case studies explore urban planning projects in British Columbia that demonstrate the community planning elements of transformative incrementalism theory: (1) the planning approaches, actors, challenges and outcomes of the redevelopment of downtown Vancouver; (2) the catalysts for change, design charrette, key lessons and outcomes of revitalizing the downtown area in Langford; (3) the planning and zoning processes for the New Monaco neighbourhood development project in Peachland; and (4) changes that enabled the transformation of food systems, including community gardens, in the Capital Regional District.


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