Condoland: The planning, design, and development of Toronto's CityPlaceCondoland: The planning, design, and development of Toronto's CityPlace

/ White, James T. & Punter, John. — Vancouver, BC : UBC Press, 2023.

1 online resource (xvi, 331 pages) : illustrations, graph, maps, plans, PDF.

The first part discusses the planning system in Toronto and the history of downtown planning, urban design, urban intensification and condominium production in Toronto. The second part focuses on the planning, design process and development of the CityPlace megaproject—a neighbourhood of high-rise condominiums constructed from 1997 to 2020 by Concord Adex Developments—on the Railway Lands in downtown Toronto. It compares the vertical urbanization of CityPlace with Vancouver's model for downtown (Vancouverism); Concord Adex had redeveloped the former Expo 86 grounds.


Craft breweries and cities: Perspectives from the fieldCraft breweries and cities: Perspectives from the field

/ Wartell, Julie & Vasquez, Vince. (Eds.). — Abingdon, Oxon ; New York, NY : Routledge, 2023.

1 online resource (xviii, 143 pages) : illustration, graphs, map, PDF. — (Routledge critical beverage studies).

The book explores the geography and demographic trends of craft breweries in the United States; the benefits and drawbacks of craft breweries for the urban economy (e.g., adaptive reuse, urban renewal, workforce growth and tourism); urban issues created by breweries (e.g., gentrification, social inequity, increased crime and sustainability); and civic responses to issues. Case studies analyze sustainably establishing breweries in diverse cities in the U.S. and Germany, municipal regulation of breweries in San Diego, and municipal economic development actions to support and grow the craft brewing industry in the city of Vista, CA. The concluding chapter discusses zoning and building requirements relevant to a craft brewery.


Housing booms in gateway citiesHousing booms in gateway cities

/ Ley, David. — Hoboken, NJ : Wiley, 2023.

1 online resource (315 pages) : graphs, maps, PDF. — (IJURR studies in urban and social change book series).

The book analyzes and compares economics, investment, ownership and affordability of housing as well as policies to regulate housing in five gateway cities: Singapore, Hong Kong, Sydney, Vancouver and London. It explores the effects of globalization and immigration on housing markets, housing as an asset and the financialization of housing markets, housing inequality, housing tenure, the imbalance between supply and demand for housing, and the role of the state in incentivizing and cooling housing markets.


Nature-based solutions for citiesNature-based solutions for cities

/ McPhearson, Timon; Kabisch, Nadja; & Frantzeskaki, Niki. (Eds.). — Cheltenham, UK ; Northampton, MA : Edward Elgar, 2023.

1 online resource (xvi, 388 pages) : illustrations (some colour), maps (some colour), PDF.

The book explores how nature-based solutions (NBS) can address climate and environmental justice challenges and climate change adaptation; the ecological, hazard mitigation and health-related benefits of NBS for cities; the need for NBS to be resilient; planning, maintaining and valuing NBS; integration of art and NBS; and mainstreaming NBS.


A transition to sustainable housing: Progress and prospects for a low carbon housing futureA transition to sustainable housing: Progress and prospects for a low carbon housing future

/ Moore, Trivess & Doyon, Andréanne. — Singapore : Palgrave Macmillan, 2023.

1 online resource (xxi, 289 pages) : colour illustrations, PDF.

The book explores the failure to generate sustainable housing—housing with a zero or low-carbon impact that supports the circular economy—around the world, including the housing market, housing design, building codes and planning; design, quality and performance challenges for transitioning to sustainable housing; and providing sustainable housing through "sustainability transitions". Case studies from Canada and the other countries examine practical applications of sustainable housing: high-performance housing, small housing (e.g., tiny houses and laneway houses), shared housing, neighbourhood-scale housing, circular housing, and innovative housing financing. The last two chapters discuss how to facilitate the transition to sustainable housing and prospects for change.


Urban archaeology, municipal government and local planning: Preserving heritage within the Commonwealth of Nations and the United StatesUrban archaeology, municipal government and local planning: Preserving heritage within the Commonwealth of Nations and the United States

/ Baugher, Sherene; Appler, Douglas R.; & Moss, William. (Eds.). — Cham : Springer Nature, 2017.

1 online resource (viii, 345 pages) : illustrations (chiefly colour), colour maps, PDF.

Case studies examine local government programs, plans, collaborations and policies for urban archaeology, as well as applicable heritage legislation, in the United Kingdom (London, York and Bristol); Canada (Toronto, Kingston and Québec City), Australia (Sidney); India (Lucknow) and the United States (Alexandria, New York City, Boston, Phoenix, St. Augustine and Albuquerque). They cover the legislative context, the role of local government in archaeological study and preservation, municipal activities, challenges for municipal archaeology, and collaboration with the public and stakeholders.

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